The impact created by the vcard-player is to:

  • Attract attention.
  • Inform before you speak.
  • Show your product or service.
  • Focus on a promotion, a special offer.
  • Inform about an upcoming event or a deadline.
  • Send a seasonal greeting.
  • Simply make any other statement you can imagine.

And the best of it … the vcard-player gives you the flexibility to do all of it with a minimum effort.

Where It Is Used

You may already have some ideas for yourself. Here are a few thought provokers:

Bars: promote special drinks or food; promote entertainment events, send a seasonal greeting message.

Recepition Areas in hotels: inform about promotions, services, entertainment events, restaurant opening hours.

Tradeshows: show a new product; promote a special feature

Over-the-Counter Sales: (coffee shops, newsstands, bakeries, butcher shops, vegetable and fruit markets) promote a special offering; inform about services (“place your order now for your Xmas pudding)

In-Store-Promotions: add another visual layer to attract customers and inform about the promotion

Large events: create an identity for your staff; communicate important announcements; send a welcoming message.