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How do I wear my vcard-player? (English 3)

Affix with the magnet through your clothing, or hang from the supplied lanyard.


Can I have more than one content loop on my vcard-player?

The vcard-player will hold a large amount of videos.
A one minute video which is formatted to the screen size of the vcard-player takes approximately 10 MB of storage space. The player has a storage space 4-8GB which allosw for about 400 - 800 minutes of playing time. You can choose which video you want play by pressing a button on the player. - see user guide


Do I need batteries for my vcard-player?

No. The vcard-player is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, and comes with a charger.


How long does a battery charge last?

Up to 8 hours, depending on content and usage.


Can I display my own videos?

Yes. The vcard-player is equiped with a simple internal software which can show videos in AVI or WMV formats, 480x272 pixels up to 720p. more info


Can I show pictures?

Yes, in two ways: First, your photos or charts may be integrated into video loops. Alternatively, you can upload JPGs, PNGs, GIFs - 480x272 pixels directly to the vcard-player to show as slideshow. more info


How can I change the content?

The vcard-player connects with the supplied USB cable to your PC or Apple Mac and behaves like a USB memory stick. You can easily manage your videos and pictures from your computer. No special software is needed. more info


Can I purchase additional video loops for my vcard-player in the future?

Yes, you can order as many video loops as you desire. We will deliver them online.


Can the same video loop be shown on several vcard-players?

As many as you like


Further questions ?

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