How it works

How it works

The vcard-player is a sophisticated electronic device. By itself it does not do anything, but it is the necessary platform to deliver a lively, visual message.

Here are the three steps: Read - Set - Go  to get going.

Ready: To get ready, 3 things are needed:

  1. The content: you may already have some ideas for yourself. Or refer to the section “where is it used” to get some thought provokers. If you still have doubts, sleep it over or talk to a friend.
  2. A video or slides / photos: You may already have a picture, a video or an illustration of your product or service. You may have a “tag line” or a statement you want to communicate. That’s all that is needed to get started. In the next section we will discuss how your inputs make it to the vcard-player.
  3. The vcard-player: To order your vcard-player go to our In the shop you also find accessories, like a multiple charging station in case you need to manage a larger amount of players.

Set: Load the vcard-player with your visual material:

Chances are that you can load your video files and pictures straight onto the vcard-player. This is as easy as copying a file on a USB memory stick. The vcard-player will then start “playing” the files one by one, just like a portable music player is playing music.

In our operating instructions we explain how you can program repeating loops.

The screen of the vcard-player has a certain size. It might be advantageous to reformat your material for an optimized fit with the screen. For that we recommend expert help which you can also get through us. Refer to our price list for our formatting services.

If you would like to combine your material to a new video, there are a lot of tools available, ranging from creating a video from an animated Powerpoint slideshow to the use of simple or sophisticated  video editing software.

Don’t make the video too complex: it’s supposed to be an eye-catcher, an ice-breaker. In our experience what works is:

  • Maximum 1 minute length.
  • Run in a loop (repeat the message over and over again).
  • Use large letter key words; keeping them for 1-2 seconds is sufficient for reading.
  • Use animation and colours (something that moves, flashes and shines attracts attention).

We offer services for simple video creation as well.

Find out more in the shop area.


Go: Get in front of your customers and clients:

Once the videos are loaded on the vcard-player you are ready to go.

Here is our recommendation for wearing it:

  • If your staff should wear the vcard-player, we suggest getting their buy-in.
  • Wear the vcard-player on the upper right side of your chest. Once a visual contact is made by your customer, we tend to look at eachothers’ faces.
  • The magnet allows to fix the vcard-player without any impact on the clothes. The inconvenience: the magnet adds some weight. Most people won’t notice it any more after a few minutes.
  • On loose and stretchy clothing the vcard-player will not stay in a visible position. Prefer wearing it with a woven fabric and/or sufficiently tight fitting clothes. We find a plain pattern helps to give value to the video-message.
  • One word of caution regarding the magnet: The magnet creates a strong magnetic field which may influence pacemakers, watches or other electronic devices. Keep it in a safe distance from them. Also, keep the magnet is a safe distance from pets and small children.

If you have a high frequency customer flow, you will probably keep the vcard-player on all the time. You might consider taking it off when you are with the same people for an extended time. It may become tiring for them to see the same message over and over