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  1. Connect your vcard-player with the supplied USB cable to your computer. (Mac or PC)
  2. It will show on your computer similar to a Flash Drive (USB stick) or external hard drive.
  3. Now you can copy your videos or pictures to the vcard-player in the same way you handle files on your computer between folders or storage drives.
  4. Disconnect the vcard-player and choose what to play - see user guide.

All files need to be in the main directory of the vcard-player. Folders (subdirectories) are not supported by the software on the vcard-player. The vcard-player will not play if there are any subdirectories. Please remove (delete) them. Subdirectories may be created unintentionally by the operating system of your computer.

Make sure your videos and pictures are in a supported format.

Deleting Content

If you want to remove a video or picture from the tag, delete it like you would delete a file on your computer: Simply press the Delete-button on the computer keyboard, drag the file to the wastebasket or right mouse click and press delete.